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Dr. Scott Pace, podiatrist

Doctor Scott Pace, podiatrist

Dr. Scott Pace, podiatrist, received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology/pre-med at Hamilton College, NY in 1996. He played varsity basketball while in college and was a co-captain of the team in his senior year. Following college, he worked as an operating room orderly which gave him the opportunity to see all aspects of the hospital and medical team. He shadowed different professions within the hospital and local clinics including an osteopathic doctor, nurse anesthetist, podiatrist and other specialties. With his interest in sports medicine and surgery, podiatry seemed to be the perfect fit. While in residency he did monthly rotations, including but not limited to, podiatric surgery (over 1100 surgeries), podiatry private practice, dermatology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery.


In 2004 he joined Toback Podiatry in the Hudson Valley region of NY, just a couple hours north of NYC. Dr Pace worked for 3 years in private practice which included 3 private practice offices, 4 hospitals and a surgical center. He performed surgery at the surgical center and also the local hospitals. He also worked as the head podiatrist at the Kingston Hospital wound care center on Wednesdays. While in private practice he worked closely with the local doctors especially the vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, infectious disease doctors and hospital staff at all levels. In 2007, he and his wife (originally from Quebec) decided to relocate to the Montreal area.


In 2007 Dr Pace became a member of L’Ordre des Podiatres and joined his brother in law’s practice in Repentigny, Quebec. He later joined Clinique Podiatrique de Chomedey in 2008 to help Dr Zorbas. He now works in multiple offices where he sees patients and performs surgery. He also does surgery at the Institute de Chirurgie Specialise de Montreal. Dr Pace performs surgery a day and a half a week. Dr Pace travels to the states yearly to obtain continued medical education credits and learn the most up to date treatments. His goal is to provide the best care for his patients both conservatively and surgically by listening to their complaints and spending the needed time to diagnose and treat them properly.


On a personal note, Dr Pace is married to Dre Marie-Eve Vaillancourt who is a veterinaire in Boucherville. He played soccer, basketball and ran track in high school, while his wife played soccer, hockey and soft ball. They have two daughters, Addisson and Sophia, who are 10 and 8 respectively. Like their parents, they are very active and enjoy playing soccer, snowboarding, swimming, ninja/parkour running and other activities.